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#TUSIEGRA (#THISISWHEREYOUPLAY) - record-breaking 13th edition of the Poznań Game Arena has come to an end!

More than 220 exhibitors, nearly 1,200 gaming stands, 10 exhibition halls offering abundance of multimedia attractions and, most importantly, 76,199 fans of computer games - these are the numbers behind the record-breaking, thirteenth edition of the Poznań Game Arena.

Pre-premiere and premiere game presentations

One of the most awaited releases which aroused a lot of excitement was the world premiere of Call of Duty, as well as the pre-premiere of Tom Clancy's The Divisions II, Just Dance 2019 or Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Naturally, these are just some of the titles that delight tens of thousands of multimedia enthusiasts. Another game to have stolen the hearts of players was the new version of Diablo III for Nintendo Switch. Apart from global producers, the fair saw presentations of small and medium-size game developers within the Indie Games zone, who presented over 100 Polish and 25 foreign titles.

Prizes galore at the Poznań Game Arena

The Poznań Game Arena hosted the first edition of the Central & Eastern European Games Awards, where representatives of 16 trade organizations and journalists from 15 countries of Central and Eastern Europe presented awards in 8 categories:

- Best Game: Frostpunk (11 bit studios)

- Best Mobile Game: G30 (Ivan Kovalov - Ukraine)

- Hidden Gem: Attentat 1942 (Charles University / Czech Academy of Sciences - Czech Republic)

- Technology: Beat Saber (Beat Games - Czech Republic)

- Narrative: Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Warhorse Studios - Czech Republic)

- Design: Frostpunk (11 bit studios)

- Audio: Ruiner (Reikon Games)

- Visual Art: Chuchel (Amanita Design - Czech Republic)

It was already the fifth time that the fair had seen the fifth edition of PGA Awards where prizes prepared by the fair organizers and representatives of the Game Industry Conference, reporters from, and were given.

PGA AWARDS were given in the following categories:

- the best Indie game at the Poznań Game Arena: Driftland: The Magic Revival, studio: Star Drifters

- the best international Indie game at the Poznań Game Arena: Everspace, studio: ROCKFISH Games

- the best Indie stand at the Poznań Game Arena: Robot Gentleman

Game Industry Conference Awards:

Best Game Video Award: Rival Games Thief of Thieves

- Epic Game Music Award: Jan Valta Skalitz 1403

- Kingdom Come: Deliverance by Warhorse Studios

- Nordic Game: Ovid Works (Poland) - Metamorphosis

Stars, influencers, e-gaming competitions

What would a gaming fair be without celebrities from the world of the Internet and games? Sprite and Play, the sponsors and partners who have supported the event for many years, invited the Influencers and the biggest esport stars such as Piotr ‘Izak’ Skowyrski, Remigiusz ‘Reza’ Wierzgon, Paweł ‘Leh’ Lehmann, Stuart ‘Stuu’ Burton, Jakub ‘Kubon’ Turkiewicz as well as competitors Izako Boars, thus meeting the expectations of many gaming fans. An integral part of the fair are meetings with the most popular YouTubers as part of Stars4Fans, which have been held for many years. Additionally, Kinga Kujawska appeared at the PGA as a commentator to report the most important tournament in the PGA Esport Arena powered by ESL.

This year's edition of the fair was remarkable in terms of events related to the competition in the virtual arena thanks to two tournaments: Pro European Championship and ESL Polish Championship. Both were extremely exciting and attracted crowds of people. It is worth taking note of the success of the AGO Esport team, who won the European Championship at Counter Strike winning 35,000 euros! The total prize pool in the above tournaments totalled nearly PLN 600,000!

Game Industry Conference - the most important conference of the region

World-famous artists such as Takashi Tokita (creator of the Final Fantasy series), Viktor Kostik (chief animator of DayZ, Mafia 2, for example) or Chris McEntee (chief designer of the Rayman series) attracted thousands of professionals from all over the world to the Game Industry Conference. Apart from 1,200 business meetings, 140 lectures, panels, the fair offered support for those who are just making their first steps in the gaming business. Eight companies were actively looking for future employees in a specially arranged career zone. The main objective of the conference was to provide a friendly environment for business contacts, discussion on current trends and exchange of valuable experience.

INEA offering the fastest Internet in the world

The information given at the press conference of INEA, PGA partner, about the availability of the fastest Internet in the world (10 gb/s) was welcomed with great enthusiasm. The latest creations can occupy several dozen gigabytes of disk space, which means it takes time to download them even on the currently offered lines. With a 10 Gb/s connection, this time will be significantly reduced.

Modecom Cospaly Show

Each year, the participants of the PGA and MODECOM Cosplay Show competitions become better and better, often reaching the world level in the competition for the best game character make-up. The following are the competition winners:

- Grand prix: Mateusz ‘Magister’ Andruszkiewicz as Foltest from The Witcher

- Best outfit: Ewa ‘Kicking Machine’ Geisler as D'vorah from Mortal Kombat.

- Best presentation: Karolina Szerejko as the Gothic Scavenger

The fair also featured the 6 Mediations Biennale: Virtual Garden

It is the largest exhibition of contemporary art in Poland. This edition focuses on the arts based directly on the achievements of modernity: technology, gaming world, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The curators of the exhibition devoted a lot of attention to computer games, which are both a form of communication between the players and a carrier of content behind the widely understood culture or pop culture.

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