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Successful projects are good ideas crowned with success of their executors and initiators. Among those that perfectly matched the character of the Poznan Game Arena, while rightly conveying the realities of the market, was the Independent Game Creators Zone! After last year's success, this year visitors will also be able to meet with developers, but not only from Poland! The organisers invite independent game developers from Europe and around the world!


In 2013, the Independent Game Creators Zone was created, among others, by: 11 Bit Studios, The Farm 51, Black Moon Design; LogLabs; Symulacje Historyczne; DFour Games; SOS; Koshmaar; Winyl Piel; Bad Alien Games; G IS FOR GAME. The main idea behind the creation of the zone, which on the one hand forms an integral part of the entire exhibition, and on the other stands out from it, was to highlight the presence of independent artists and support their development. – We showed in this way the great potential lying in the Polish game development – says Lukasz Wolonkiewicz, Director of Poznań Game Arena. – We wanted to emphasise the creativity of artists and their unique approach to the creative process. These "garage", often non-profit businesses are an example of great passion and commitment, and this is one of the reasons for which we should support them – he added.


After consultation with existing and potential exhibitors, the organisers decided to continue the Zone, inviting all those who want to showcase their achievements to the audience of 50,000 visitors! – Participation in the Zone may be a chance to emerge in the professional game development world, the more so because the Poznań Game Arena, in addition to multimedia entertainment lovers, is visited by professionals and hundreds of media representatives – emphasises Lukasz Wolonkiewicz.


A novelty at this year's event will also be the presence of foreign exhibitors, for whom independence is creativity, small scale of operation and financial aspects, which, however, are not a priority.


All questions related to the possibility of participation in the Independent Game Creators Zone will be answered by:

Łukasz Wołonkiewicz

Dyrektor Poznań Game Arena

tel.  + 48 61 869 2426

e-mail: ">lukasz.wolonkiewiczat

Dariusz Wawrzyniak

Wicedyrektor Poznań Game Arena

tel. +48 61 869 2298

e-mail: ">dariusz.wawrzyniakat



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