The return of the classic #RE2

Welcome back Raccoon City

The past year set the bar high when it comes to premiere titles, providing many emotions and twists of action. We could experience in the Wild West with the heroes of Red Dead Redemption II or be participants in the Peloponnesian war in ancient Greece thanks to Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Batterfield V also transported us into the reality of war, but now more contemporary. Together with Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, we discovered the secrets of the Order of the Trinity. Observing the announcements of game producers, we can assume that 2019 will not be worse . All you need to do is mention the upcoming premiere of Far Cry New Dawn in February, The Division 2 or Devil May Cry from the Capcom studio. And if we talk about them, we can not miss the remake of the great classic Resident Evil 2 coming up fast.

The prototype was released in 1998 and sold almost 5 million copies. Production was hailed as a masterpiece of the game and classified into the mainstream of pop culture and entertainment that we know nowadays. And what will be the new version? As for the story, it largely coincides with the older version. The heroes will fight again with zombies under the influence of the mysterious virus which destruct the Raccoon City. And there we have two options (as in the version from almost two decades) to choose from. We can embody either a novice policeman who starts his first day of police office or become Claire Redfileld, who appears in the city searching his brother (known from the previous version). Depending on the character's choice, the plot is slightly different, and players are offered different equipment.

After the demo, you can find many positive opinions about the game on the Internet, and fans who are looking forward to the premiere promise a lot. You can see that Capcom has the ambition to set a high bar for everyone who in 2019 will release remakes. We are cheering and keeping our fingers crossed for success again. Let us know if the game has dragged you in so much that you give AFK a painful heart when it is necessary?