Sea World Islandoom from Bloomga drops to his knees!

In Islandoom you will be the commander of an uninhabited island, one of four nations, discover unknown terrains and build a powerful economy. And all with beautiful graphics and ... through the browser!

Bloomga is a team from Częstochowa of unconventional game developers who knows how to combine aesthetics with playability. The idea of an innovative game, provided by Islandoom, was born in 2015. Now on the PGA you will be able to admire the results of the hard work of the passionate Bloomkis.

Islandoom – everything a marine commander needs

Islandoom is an economical and strategic browser game with elements of RPG. Players join a common world in which they build islands, form alliances, and take on hostile territory, aiming to take control of as much of the map as possible.


Each player starts the game as the ruler of a small island, which he builds on with the raw material he gains. A well-developed army is also important because each unit differs in attributes and uses. Players are represented by their avatar avatars. These characters can be developed, raised and upgraded.


Islandoom has an alliance system that will diversify the game and help new players. The game is free with optional micropayments that do not provide the player with an advantage, but are only a feature and do not affect the gameplay itself.


As for us everything sounds great, and when we look at screenshots and graphics we're betting on this guy. You should also try sea adventures during the PGA at Bloomga stand.