PGA Awards will be held during Poznań Game Arena 2018

Following the tradition, also this year the prize will be awarded in four categories

•             The Best Indie Game of PGA

•             The Best Indie Booth of PGA

•             The Best International Indie Game

•             The Best Indie Game of PGA - Journalists Award

Indie studio, that already ordered their stands, are able to register their games.

To do so, please fill out this form in which you provide all the necessary information about you and your game – especially make sure to include a gameplay video. If you want to extend the experience of jurors, you can attach, for example, a trailer giving a glimpse of the game's story, but treat it as an addition, not the main basis for assessing and nominating your work.

We extend the deadline for submissions – applications will be accepted until September 16.


The award winners in all four categories will be chosen during Poznań Game Arena.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Michał Karzyński

+48 61 869 21 40