Neon adds glare to the gameplay

Ascendant Studio is a small game developer, but with great ambition! What is the name of a whole new planet in Virtual Reality? Meet Neon on the PGA 2017!

Ascendant Studio specializes in building the best emotions and sensations for VR users. They like reaching for a solution that is not available in other games. One of them will see in their new production - Neon.

Neon adds shine to the gameplay

In this game the game takes place on a distant planet called Neon. Name did not take the case. The unique atmosphere on the planet makes all objects glow with UV light. Among the fluorescent circumstances of an extraordinary planet, you will spend your time fighting for survival. Defeating creatures inhabiting the climatic world has a strong influence on the imagination, while posing a real call to the player.


The VR game on the PC, the HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift will be available for testing from 6th October on the PGA. We encourage you to test!