Are you a journalist, YouTuber, Blogger, Vlogger, Influencer? Complete the accreditation form of Poznań Game Arena.


Terms of accreditation


  1. The basis for the issue of accreditation for media representatives enabling them to enter the fairgrounds on 18-20 October 2019 is being an active journalist with regular publications in the press, TV, radio and the Internet.
  2. Accreditations are issued on the basis of a press card or active portals, channels, blogs, websites which are related to the PGA fair profile (computer games, board games, electronics, technologies) and are very popular among potential PGA visitors.
  3. For creators who do not have a press card but create content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, private blogs, minimum limits have been adopted, i.e.:
    a) for YouTube channel users: 50,000 subscribers,
    b) for Facebook profile users: 40,000 likes,
    c) for Twitch platform users who have a Twitch Affiliate Programme
    d) entities that do not meet the required minimum limits may apply for accreditation on the basis of an individual application sent together with evidence of conducting specific activity to: [email protected].
  4. The organizer of Poznań Game Arena reserves the right to refuse to grant accreditation if the medium shown is not consistent with the profile of the event, not updated on an ongoing basis, does not meet the criteria listed in Item 3 or too many applications from one editorial office/channel/account have been received
  5. The deadline for submitting accreditation applications is 15 October 2019, 10:00 a.m.
  6. The accreditation entitles its holder to enter the Stars4fans exhibition hall. The accreditation does not grant its holder the right to enter the event backstage.
  7. While performing journalistic tasks, the accreditation must be affixed in a place visible to the security services

Zasady przyznawania akredytacji:

Persons applying for press accreditation are requested to:

In the place where the name of the editorial office should be specified, also a link to a specific YouTube channel or blog must be provided.

  • Publish on the website/channel/blog/in the magazine/TV programme/radio programme information on PGA based on the materials available at, materials sent (texts, photos, banners) or editorial publications.
  • Send a link to the website with the publication
  • Attach a scan of their press card, and in the case of Internet creators - attach reach statistics from the last 3 months.

Media contact:

Mateusz Fąfara