Advertising services

Our range of advertising services includes all forms of promotion which will make it easier for you to reach your target group. We offer effective tools to enhance your presence as an exhibitor at trade fairs. An appropriate and well-aimed application of these tools will contribute to making your offer more attractive to professional trade fair visitors.


Large-format advertisements displayed at trade fairs are, without doubt, the most attractive and the most readily noticeable form of promotion. We offer advertising areas outside of exhibition pavilions, on the main walls of pavilions and in neutral locations both in pavilions and entry halls. The maximum area of a single advert is 360 m2.

Anyone interested in our services who would like to obtain a current price and availability list is kindly requested to contact:

Małgorzata Barczak
phone +4861 869 2524
fax +4861 869 2960
e-mail: malgorzata.barczak


As exhibitors, you have a chance to have your own advertising structures put up on trade fair grounds (i.e. both in open areas and neutral locations). Depending on structure size and method of mounting, we will always do our best to select the best possible location for you. Moreover, exhibitors may request advertising flags to be placed on their own masts or masts provided by the fair organisers.

Detailed information is available in the application FORM R1.pdf


Throughout trade fair duration, all exhibitors can order their promotional materials, leaflets and advertising gadgets to be given out to visitors. Using mobile advertising tools, you can provide visitors with all desirable information well before they find their way to your exhibition stand. The spectrum of possibilities is enormous, ranging from distinctively dressed hostesses and stilt walkers, attendants on roller blades or roller skates, to mime artists and many more. Everything depends on you and your ingenuity.

Detailed information is available in the FORM P

You are more than welcome to browse through our hostess database. If you are interested in this service, please contact:

Izabela Kalemba
tel. +48 61 869 2539
e-mail: izabela.kalemba


Trade Fair Radio Studio (TSR) operates on exhibition premises. Any announcements broadcast by the Studio are heard in the open trade fair area (outside exhibition pavilions) and in the Linden Avenue in the complex of exhibition facilities made up of pavilions 7, 7A, 8 and 8A. You have the chance to use any of the wide variety of options offered by TSR. Our Radio Studio is prepared to broadcast commercial spots and advertisements. We are ready to record spots in English, German and Russian, depending on your wishes.

Detailed information can be obtained from:
Agencja Reklamowa Radia Merkury (Advertising Agency)
ul. Berwińskiego 5, 60-765 Poznań
phone/fax: +48 61 865 8373, + 48 61 865 9629
phone: +48 61 869 9351 ext. 126 or 156

During trade fairs, please contact:
Targowe Studio Radiowe (Trade Fair Radio Studio)
Pav. 15 (entry from ul. Śniadeckich)
phone: +48 61 869 2519
fax: +48 61 865 9636


The Poznań Trade Fair Magazine (PMT) is published by the MTP Branch Office in Warsaw four times a year. The magazine presents the most important information related to trade fairs scheduled to take place in the coming quarter. Poznań Trade Fair Magazine comes out in three language versions (Polish, English and Russian) and is sent to Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Economic Chambers, embassies and various associations all over the world.

If you are interested in publishing your advert in the PMT, please contact:

Poznań Fair Magazine
4, Trębacka Street
00-074 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: +48 22 828 9944
fax: +48 22 827 0759
e-mail: warszawa

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