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Poznań is the world's most famous Polish fair city. It is situated in the centre of Europe, just a 2.5 hour drive from Berlin and three hours from Warsaw. Poznań has an international airport "Ławica" and a wide range of national and international rail connections. Geographical location of Poznań provides excellent communication with cities of all Polish regions and with foreign countries.

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By buying a ticket to the event, each participant of Poznań Game Arena 2019 agrees to comply with the Event Regulations. Below you can find the detailed Regulations and you will learn:

  • How to use the luggage room
  • Where the cloakrooms in the area of MTP Poznań Expo are located, and what their opening hours are
  • You will learn the details of fire regulations (just in case)

Regulations for visitors

Terms and conditions of using the baggage storage at MTP

Terms and conditions of using the cloakroom




Poznań Game Arena is the largest gaming and multimedia entertainment fair in Poland and this part of Europe, organized for both the industry representatives and individual visitors. PGA already has more than 10-year history that we have built together with over 370,000 Polish and foreign fans of gaming equipment, production and multimedia.


PGA history
from all kinds of games to a cybergaming paradise

In 2004, Poznań Game Arena came to light for the very first time, in a slightly different form than it is currently known. On the surface area of less than 3,500 m2, computer games mingled with traditional games. Today, we tearfully reminiscent about the old Dungeons & Dragons handbooks. The biggest highlight then was the FIFA 2004 tournament and the Counter Strike finals with unimaginable at that time financial prizes (PLN 12,000).

In 2005, PGA became officially divided into 3 thematic blocks:

  • Digital Arena – a block dedicated to multimedia entertainment, computer games and modern technology
  • Fantasy Arena – a place for fans of card, miniature and board games, RPGs, battle games, chess and bridge, as well as fiction in its broad sense
  • Extreme Arena – later changed into a Paintball Arena block for the fans of ASG, paintball and paramilitary reconstructions

During the four years, the event has grown very quickly and it became apparent that the block of computer games and multimedia entertainment attracts the biggest crowds of people. For that reason, the plans for the reconstruction of the PGA fair were implemented, to conquer the hearts of all Polish game fans in a few years.

In 2009, Poznań Game Arena was held in Poznań for the last time in the form of an event divided into three independent thematic blocks. At that time, in October 2010, the PGA team organized the Warsaw ON/OFF exhibition of consumer electronics and video games, which allowed them to establish numerous fruitful business contacts and better explore the gaming market and players' needs. After two years of preparation, finally Poznań Game Arena was held in 2012, in the spectacular form as the Polish largest and most important fair dedicated to computer games. 35 thousand of satisfied visitors could not be mistaken – it was the right direction of development.

Thematic scope

Poznań Game Arena means an extensive entertainment programme, game premieres, eSports tournaments, starts of Twitch and gaming YouTube, outstanding cosplayers, hundreds of attractions and – most importantly – many fantastic exhibitors with the best offer prepared especially for our visitors. It must be remembered that PGA is mostly a fair event, which is why we focus so much on the quality of exhibition. Among the portfolio of products in attractive prices, one can also find market premieres, unavailable in stores so far. Game sales, on the other hands, are an excellent opportunity to find cult titles for next to nothing. It is worth taking large backpacks with you!

Selected attractions – a must see!

Dozens of celebrities, hundreds of cosplayers, thousands of prizes and tens of thousands zlotys to win in eSports tournaments. The three days of celebration for players mean three days gaming craze. See examples of what is waiting for you at Poznań Game Arena.

E-Sports competitions of international rank attended by the best Polish and European teams.
Be the first to play the best and latest productions by the world's leading PC and console game manufacturers.
Free Gaming Arena
Where can you play for 3 days in the latest and best games on absolutely the most powerful equipment with the most modern technologies such as VR or MR? Only at Poznań Game Arena! At PGA we provide over 850 gaming stations to visitors.
two days full of meetings with the greatest and most popular Polish YouTubers. Meetings with stars, autographs, photos, competitions and challenges are just part of the programme prepared for the event.
Hundreds of cosplayers reproducing the clothes and look of their favourite game characters.
Retro Games Arena
Do you remember Amiga, Atari or Comodore? If so, be sure to visit the retro gaming zone with over 50 unforgettable games and mention your first gaming equipment. If not, then again, get fascinated by the huge pixels, sixteen-color graphics and MIDI sound that your parents' generation loved.
The Indie Zone
The impressive zone of independent game developers from over a dozen countries. The culture of playing indie games is strong in Poland, and we managed to build awesome indie heaven on the Poznan Game Arena.


Accompanying events
for hard players and amateurs of the traditional games

During Poznań Game Arena, a number of accompanying events are held, which are very interesting for our guests. It it worth taking care of having additional portion of energy for other unusual attractions:

Stars4Fans: Meet your favourite YouTubers and influencers! Visit Stars4Fans and meet your idols in person!
Stars4Fans means two days full of meetings with the greatest and most popular Polish YouTubers. Meetings with stars, autographs, photos, competitions and challenges are just part of the programme prepared for the event.
Game Industry Conference as part of the PGA ticket
The Game Industry Conference - previously known as the Game Developers Convention - is the largest game development conference in Poland. The event is addressed to all GameDev representatives. Its main goal is to provide a friendly environment for establishing business contacts, discussing current trends and exchanging valuable experiences.