Big Flat Potato

Big Flat Potato is a Polish game studio that aims to create innovative and ambitious games. It will not be a surprise if we say that they privately like ... games! And potato pancakes ;) Their knowledge, passion and experience allow you to create successful titles on different platforms. And the production of non-serious games is deadly serious.
During this year's PGA will present Spyhack - a spy game for those who like challenges.


Agents, spying and hacking!

In Spyhack you will be playing an agent who works as a hacker. Its task is to take full control of the environment. As an IT professional, you will be hacking all the equipment you encounter, which may be of help to agents in the field. They will react to any changes in the environment and communicate with the player using chat. A player must provide agents with accurate, clear and logical information. Otherwise false or misleading instructions can lead to failure.


Kettle and photocopier at your disposal

Each device in the game can be hijacked and used in a useful way. Starting with a photocopy, through an electric kettle and ending with a power grid controller! A player can create viruses, use hacker programs, and search for backdoors on computer systems to take control of them. All electronics connected to the network can be used for field agents, bait for the guards, or as a lethal weapon! The player can also acquire additional intelligence using the camera system in buildings, on roads, drones or those worn by agents.


Smokings, underwater bases, sumptuous parties, advanced technology and heavy armament. Spyhack has it all, and more and more, and you will feel the emotions accompanying the agent's job during the PGA 2017.

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