Best Toilet Games

New image and gaming premieres

Best Toilet Games is getting some surprises for you. First of all - a new logo, which in an intriguing but very professional way shows you what a Polish independent game studio is doing. Second: new games that do not require hardware for many thousands of dollars and will kill boredom in every situation.


My Doggy VR


The care of a virtual pet has never been so real. Immerse yourself in the virtual reality world and look after one of the five puppies.
My Doggy VR is a game that is entertaining but also teaches - feeding, washing and cleaning up your pet are some of the responsibilities that are facing the player. In addition to taking care of the needs of the dog, the game also offers access to many games and play. Running the canyon, chipping rubber ducks or flying a plane, are just some of the attractions waiting for you.

If you are an animal lover, this game is definitely for you!





DOTS - connect them all!

Dots is a relaxing arcade game, which assumes the familiar childhood play "connecting dots". The player's task is to connect all the points placed on the board to reveal the illustration on the board.

The gameplay is accompanied by calm, relaxing music and nice graphic design, which fits nicely into the hasty action of the game.

Sounds banal? We assure you that it is not ...




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