Poznań Game Arena and Game Industry Conference awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage

The annual award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for Culture Patrons in the category of "Digital Culture" was awarded to the largest game and multimedia fair in the Central and Eastern Europe, the Poznań Game Arena, and the International Game Industry Conference, organized during this event.



photo by Krzysztof Żuczkowski

The award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage is a prestigious award granted to artists, creators and animators since 1997 for their entire activity or for outstanding achievements in a given year in the area represented.
The category "Digital Culture" first appeared in 2016 when it was awarded "This War of Mine" from 11 bit studios. On June 30, 2017, during the grand prize-winning ceremony at the Old Orangery in the Royal Baths in Warsaw, Poznań Game Arena and the Game Industry Conference were the next winners. PGA and GIC have been honored for their many years' contribution to the development of the polish gaming market and to their significant presence in Polish culture.
We can confidently say that Poland, when it comes to computer games, is undoubtedly in the forefront of the world. We believe that the PGA was involved in this, thanks to many years of support and promotion"The annual award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage is not only a distinction for the PGA, but also for the whole industry in Poland, with almost 400 game companies.It is thanks to many years of cooperation with them, successively we are building the largest such event in Central Europe "- adds Dariusz Wawrzyniak, deputy director of the fair.

"I dream of going to the bookstore and seeing a book advertised as a Swedish crime story, so it's the same with games. In ten years, the shop was advertised for Polish games and Poland was for good." Marszałkowski, the main organizer of the Game Industry Conference.
During the gala of the Minister's Annual Award, they received:
Halina Łabonarska - theater
Maciej Drygas - film
Artur Ruciński - music
Dariusz "Maleo" Malejonek - music
Małgorzata Walewska - music
Ernest Bryll - literature
Radosław Szlaga - visual arts
Boleslaw Stelmach - architecture
Bożena Kociołkowska - dance
Czesław Kaczyńska - folk art
Jan Ballarin - artistic education
Association of Polish Librarians - dissemination of culture
Izabella Galicka - protection of cultural heritage
Stanislaw A. Morawski - protection of cultural heritage abroad Przemysław Dakowicz - Prize for them.
Thomas MertyTadeusz Mysłowski - patron of culture
Jan Pietrzak - the whole of creativity

Poznań Game Arena is a fair of computer games, multimedia entertainment and technology used in video games, held annually at the Poznań International Fair in Poznan. The first edition in 2004 counted only a few thousand visitors, but every year this event attracted more and more people and visited them all over the world.370 000 people. Centrex's International Exhibition Statistics Union has confirmed,At present, Poznań Game Arena is the largest in the Central and Eastern Europe of computer games in terms of the number of participants, exhibitors and exhibition space.

The Game Industry Conference from the student rally, through the Nationwide Games Convention, has arrivedTo an international scale and is now one of the key industry events in Europe.This year, the 10th edition of the conference will take place.
We invite you to the 12th Games and Multimedia Fair of 6-8 October 2017 Poznań Game Arena and Game Industry Conference!