Author of the first Polish PlayStation VR wins Passport of "Polityka"!

Did You know the beautiful Polish game Datura? No? It may artistic Bound? Or not? Don't You worry. Games combining entertainment with art usually attract the attention of a smaller, more closed and a specific group of players. It was enough to Michał "Bonzaj" Staniszewski, head of the Lodz studio Plastic to win the prestigious "Polityka" passport.

Bound, the first polish game on the PlayStation VR, enchants.

Plastic Studio was one of 60 polish study games that appeared on the Poznan Game Arena in 2016. At that time, the position of Sony PlayStation VR, attracted your attention to their latest production: Bound.

This 3D platformer filled with artistry, with beautiful music and sensational graceful movements of the main character, has both eye and ear. Gestures heroine Bound lent a Russian ballerina Maria Udod and reality added by the technique of motion capture.

In the game you can see the inspiration art from the first half of the twentieth century. Simple, geometric solids form a logical structure space. Cubic, asymmetrical arrangement is devoid of unnecessary decoration, but it is filled with color contrast (so says our colleague-artist team of PGA;)).

It was "for proving that video games can combine elements of all the arts," Michal Staniszewski was awarded the Passport Policy. The statuette was handed himself Adam Badowski CD Projekt RED and the announcement of the result, few people associate who is the winner. Passion, professionalism and artistic soul Bonzaja, to this day was covered with a curtain of modesty.