As many as 116 million PLN receive polish game developers from the government!

What caused that our authorities began so intensely subsidize the polish gaming market? Meet the best native productions that love the whole world. They opened up government funds for future works of polish games developers.

Polish game on the same earned its fame

For years polish gaming market has been treated with neglect. At a time when many other countries were played major tournaments giant gaming and e-Sport mastered all the media in Poland is still talked about "not play in the game." Polish artists took so destiny in their own hands, often using private finance or public collection. However, given that the Polish players do not like to pay for the game, native studies were not easy. Policy games in Poland began to change only when our productions began to conquer the world.
The Witcher - a painful start, a spectacular effect

Before we saw the official installment of the white-haired slayer of monsters, Witcher was born ... three times! And it is in great pain. The first attempt ended with little popular, SMS-word version of the game. The second approach - taken before the CD Projekt Red - in their isometric, some hack'n'slash-at that issue, too far from the vision of a true RPG. It was only the third time, after 5 years of hard work, we managed to let the light of day on a full-fledged game.

"The Witcher" quickly broke the then popular game BioWare - a famous study, which for the purposes of The Witcher CD Projekt Red lent its engine "Aurora". To date, "The Witcher" has received many prestigious awards worldwide, including the title of the best games of 2007. And while many of us are irritated linearity, limit and repeatability of the world, patriotic spirit spoke in every polish player. Even those who enriched Dictionary profanity facing another hurdle insurmountable, had to have an original copy of The Witcher on your shelf.

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" pozamiatał the RPG market. More than 250 major awards, including Game of the Year title awarded at The Game Awards 2015 puts this production on the spot and the best winning games ... the whole history of the industry giant gaming! In the end, 20 million players can not be wrong ;)


Polish Games - tip of the iceberg worth our money

Polish game market still has a lot to offer. The world could get to know us better as well with such excellent titles such as Layers of Fear - intriguing horror production Cracow Bloober Team, superhot financed by users KickStarter'a whether Alice VR, which could przedpremierowo test during the PGA in 2016. It is thanks to this and many other successful productions, the efforts of the Polish game developers and their ambitious plans of the polish government saw the potential in digital entertainment.

Games have become our home export hit, so GameINN program was launched with a budget of nearly 500 million zł. Polish game numerous awards include the Operational Programme Development of Intelligent. Thanks to domestic companies engaged in the development and implementation of innovative commercial products and technologies could apply for financing their projects. Among those who have received financial support were

- CD Projekt RED,
- Techland,
CI Games,
- Bloober Team,
- Flying Wild Hog.

We hope that most of the production of the support we will see on the next editions of the PGA. Poznan Game Arena over the years has contributed to the promotion of polish games. Goes mainly thanks to you - our guests of the fair, who test, review, and support the development of polish titles of study, present with us every year.